“How do we sew the label in the garment

“How do we sew the label in the garment?” Some of our crafters are new to the game, and we think it’s great. The most important question is left unanswered.

Thankfully Judy at https://www.facebook.com/Knitting-Tips-by-Judy-216363871272/ has made an easy to follow tutorial for the rest of us. Some helpful takeaways follow:

1)Stitch as close to the corner as possible. Pull the needle through keeping the label in place.

2)Use the smallest needle you can work with. Stitch through twice to ensure the most secure fit.

3)For folded labels, make sure you sew the fold, not directly on the main part of the label.

4)Keep in mind stitching location for each corner and try to make them uniform.

5)Don’t forget to knot the thread after the second or third stitch.

Thanks again to Judy for the tutorial.

#crafters #stitching #clothinglabels



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