An often overlooked but essential access

An often overlooked but essential accessory for gift giving is ribbons. The most popular styles are ribbon rolls, tulle ribbon, and raffia ribbon. However it can be dizzying to list the choices. Let’s focus on the most standard. Standard varieties like grosgrain, satin, crinkle, and wire-edge ribbons are useful no matter the occasion. Beautiful ribbons make beautiful bows, wisps, and fluffs. If you are less creative but still want to beautify your packages, try our pre-made elegant bows which you can customize with your own text and symbol here: http://ow.ly/VfDk7. Although there are many places to buy ribbons, with the season upon us, your need for gift decorations can be satisfied at http://www.wunderlabel.com #grosgrain, #satin, #crinkle, #wire-edge, #bows, #wisps, #fluffs, #ribbons http://ow.ly/i/eSipT


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